All work and no play make GIS Jeff a dull boy…

This section of the website is devoted to created content and links to web resources related to my pursuits outside the professional realm.  These pursuits are what I personally categorize as ‘Staying Sane’, as they are activities in which I engage to get my mind off the rest of the world’s appetite for my time.

For the most part I try to use my available leisure in pursuit of activities engaged in a healthy lifestyle.  First of all, furthering my faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of the World is a healthy activity for my eternal soul.  Second is engaging in outdoor activities highlighted by long distance running, but also motorcycling, bicycling, and hiking as healthy activities for my body and releasing stress from my mind.  Also in that category is an interest in healthy eating habits.  Although meant for quick reference for my own use, I am more than happy to share my passion for all these endeavors with others if it can help in some way add an element of healthy living to their overall lifestyle.

Finally, for fun, I enjoy following sports.  It is a passion of my father’s that was passed down to me and has stuck ever since.  Fantasy Sports and analysis of sports statistics aligning with my technical side is what I use for healthy exercise of the brain.

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