Recap: Don’t Shrink – Rethink

Excellent considerations for taking BPM automation to the mobile device:

5 Summary points at the end of the article should be on the table when eliciting requirements:

So in summary, my experience for optimizing the mobile “happy path” can be captured in 5 key points:
1)  Don’t shrink, rethink: While there is no magic number, users should instantly recognize that each touch or swipe takes them closer to their end goal. Look for unnecessary layers and remove them; see if tables, forms and buttons can be simplified.
2)  Incorporate navigational cues: Have you included a button that links to the start screen? Do your labels make sense – or do they scream ‘marketese’? Can you reduce call-to-action labels to three, two, or even one per step?
3)  Maximize native functions: Image and signature capture are both simple yet highly effective ways to streamline processes that are simply out of bounds for PC users.
4)  Incorporate apps: They’re quick, easy, and can cut development time in half. In our expenses claim example, adding a calendar, currency converter and mileage calculator are no-brainers.
5)  Get your (data) in order: A delighted customer doesn’t see any disruption when completing a transaction. So whether you’re linking with ECM (for documents), ERP (to update transactions) or CRM (for customer interactions) it’s essential that every link takes place as cleanly and efficiently as possible. Data virtualization and / or replication can link up all the necessary data in the loosest of couplings, making processes changes easy and flexible without the ‘hard coded’ bonds of the past.
In conclusion: redesigning processes from a mobile perspective is a skilled job requiring thought, time and vision. But by thinking about processes from the perspective of the mobile users that we all are, we will ultimately be on the right road.

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