Business Process Model and Notation

BPMN Specification

Demonstrating Proficiency:

OCEB 2 Study Materials:

Software and other resources:

  • BPM.com – Lots of great resources
    • Use BPM to model ‘as-is’ first to create baseline from which process improvements can be modeled
    • Target audiences include: C-suite, IT, and end users
  • Workflow Patterns – Normative reference to workflow patterns comprising most any business process
  • Open Source:
    • Camunda – Java-based open source BPMN toolkit
    • Activiti – Camunda fork source, appears to be still active.  Also Java-based
    • jBPM – Pure Java, Eclipse integration
    • BonitaSoft – Association with BPM.com
    • ProcessMaker – Open Source and Commercial editions
  • Commercial:
    • Intalio – Interesting Mobile BPM capability
    • Bizflow – Energy customers, also mobile BPM
    • Appian – Apparently the mobile BPM leader (circa 2013)
    • Bizagi – Free versions with significant capability