This website is maintained by Jeff Puuri, a GIS enthusiast for over 30 years now.  My background is in developing GIS applications for the Utility industry, mainly focused on Natural Gas operations.  I currently work as a Business Systems Analyst for Gas Technology Institute (GTI), which is an industry not-for-profit research and development organization.  My professional focus has evolved from one performing more hands-on programming (AML, .NET + ArcObjects, Python), to a more strategic capacity where I am determining requirements and architecting the overall solution, then overseeing its technical implementation.

Therefore the main focus of this site is to share GIS-related content.  Honestly, the main reason for having this site is to create a central repository that I can use to refer back to topics of interest in my daily life and work.  But since so much of what I learn is gleaned from others research and resulting content published to the web, I thought I would do the same in case others with a similar interest or need might find something here that can add value to their web browsing that landed them here.

Link to my personal book collection online at LibraryThing