So far this blog site has been really focused on content and links to resources related to Semantic Web technologies.  But with a main site theme designation being GIS, it is important to make sure I am providing a fair share of content related to this topic as well

Of particular interest is GIS development for mobile and web applications.  Today I ran across a reminder of OpenLayers, so I went to check out the OpenLayers web site.  It is up to version 3.2 and appears to be going string.  Therefore I will publish this post as a reference to this resource, and use it as reminder to keep developing content in mobile and web GIS realm.

OpenLayers main page


Today I ran across the first installment of a tutorial for developing mobile applications using PhoneGap.  The whole notion of the single codebase to create applications that will deploy across the major mobile platforms is of great interest to me, and PhoneGap is a development environment that promotes this capability.  Therefore I will provide the link here for my own reminder and access, which will also make it available for anyone else who is interested.

An Introduction to PhoneGap

Conceptual Heaven

Today I discovered a website that appears to be excellent resource for learning more about the application of SBVR to one’s Model Driven Architecture (MDA) development lifecycle.  There are free resources and a link to purchase the blog author’s book about the subject.  I have not read the book, but would expect it to contain a more layman-like explanation of the SBVR topic over the documents published by OMG.  The OMG publications are the de facto standard, but sometimes hard to digest, especially when new to a particular subject, so I am hoping this book will be a good primer leading to use of the OMG documentation for later reference.

Conceptual Heaven website

OMG SBVR landing page